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As the Afrikaans saying goes: Skoenmaker hou jou by jou lees! The one common denominator in small, medium and large business, whether butcher, baker, candlestick maker, estate agent, medical doctor, retailer or detailer – is its bottom-line. A wise man once quipped ‘the bottom line is exactly where it belongs, at the bottom right-hand corner of a piece of paper. If you do everything right by your business the bottom-line will look after itself’.

At the foundation of all business’ finance function lies its bookkeeping and reporting process. In business it is the streamlined flow of financial information that enables higher value financial activities to support the company’s growth, while the lack thereof hinders the ability to make quality financial decisions. What exactly are we talking about?

  • Income and expense allocations that are accurate and make sense
  • A clean balance sheet that reflects the company’s financial position accurately
  • Cash flow reports that help you see clearly see what comes in, and what goes out
  • Debtors and creditors information that support your cash flow cycle
  • A bookkeeping and accounting team that cares about you and your company

Lay a strong foundation. Get the basics right, without having to do it yourself in the evenings.

As businesses grow they create divisions as they scale. Multiple offerings and cost centres add complexity to your business. Ever wondered which cost centres is driving growth and profit, and which is dragging profits down? The clearer the picture on the economic drivers of your business, the better you can generate industry related profitability and cash flow. So?

  • Identify your divisions clearly
  • Track revenue per division
  • Keep track of direct and indirect expenses per division
  • Understand each division’s bottom line

This is the knitting pattern the PragmaKonsult team sticks to … To help business owners of all sizes,  and to help them see their numbers more clearly.


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