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Luca Pacioli was the first person to publish detailed material on the double-entry system of accounting.
He was an Italian mathematician and Franciscan friar who also collaborated with his friend Leonardo da Vinci
(who also took maths lessons from Pacioli).


“To survive in a rapidly evolving world requires keeping track
with change and being relevant with a pragmatic point of view.
Our promise is vested in Thinking Inside the Box.”

“If we keep complying
to what is acceptable
to society, how can we
keep moving forward?
We need more honest
brands and less
sugar coating.”

About Us

Welcome to a
New Way of Thinking

Founded in 1997. Based in the Overberg, we’re acknowledged as an accredited, full-service accounting practice. Independently owned and managed, we provide a comprehensive and objective audit, tax, and advisory service.


To improve the quality of clients’ financial lives, in everything we do, we take a pragmatic approach when analysing which decisions make most financial sense and delivers optimum commercials results.


We adopted a Bulla, the 14th Century inscribed round seal, used in commercial, legal, and papal documentation as guarantee and form of tamper-proofing to authenticate the quality of our work.


Based on Mitigation, Compliance, Strategy and Logic disciplines, pragmatism enables us to see challenges and problems from a realistic and considered perspective, rather than relying on technocratic or abstract solutions.



We add credibility to financial reporting and business owner and stakeholder stewardship.

Financial Auditing Services – As a Registered Auditor to provide compliant financial statements and communications with banks, investors, shareholders and other financial partners. An independent opinion to ensure Clients’ finances are in order in terms of International Auditing Standards,  and as set out in the Companies Act.


Through efficient tax planning and administration to ensure Clients are compliant at all levels.

Tax Services – Tax Registration and Planning; SARS submission and liaison on Clients’ behalf; SARS VAT201 returns and audits; Updating Clients’ SARS Details (FICA); Personal and Business Income Tax returns; Dividend Tax Calculations and Returns; Estate Tax Returns; Security Tax Returns; Employees’ PAYE, UIF and SDL (EMP201)


We partner Clients in strategy development, through implementation and review.

Accounting Services – Administration and reporting. Preparation of monthly management accounts to review the business’ financial health, track and provide real time performance relative to budgets and growth plans.

“You have to be honest and authentic and not hide. I think
the leader today has to demonstrate both transparency and
vulnerability, and with that comes truthfulness and humility.”
Howard Schultz. Founder and CEO, Starbucks.

Our Team


Founding Partner

Never take your eyes off
the cash flow because it’s
the lifeblood of business.



Founding Partner

Perseverance is the hard
work you do after you get
tired of doing the hard
work you already did.