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We’re living and working in a borderless world where, courtesy of technology, change is the new norm … New standards, guidelines, codes and laws are constantly implemented to update and improve the international regulatory system in which businesses operate.  

Clients are interested in how changes in accounting standards will affect financial reporting and compliance obligations while auditors must navigate complex and constant changes, providing ongoing, valuable insights and strategies.

The rise of technology in auditing: Clients want to know how technology is changing the way auditors do their work and how it is improving the accuracy and efficiency of the audit process. Showcasing the advancement in audit technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, can help clients understand how these innovations are shaping the future of auditing.

The importance of data analytics in auditing: Data analytics is becoming an increasingly important tool for auditors, helping them to quickly identify areas of risk and improve the accuracy of their assessments. Examples that highlight the benefits of data analytics, and provide practical tips on how to effectively use these tools, can be of great benefit to clients.

The role of the auditor in detecting fraud: Fraud is a growing concern in business, and clients want to know that their auditors are equipped to identify and report any potential fraud. Present the latest techniques for detecting fraud, and the role that auditors play in the process. It will help clients understand the importance of a robust audit process in protecting their financial interests.

The benefits of internal controls: Internal controls are a critical component in any organisation’s reporting process, helping to ensure that financial information is accurate and reliable. Explain the benefits of a strong internal control environment, and provide practical guidance on how to implement and maintain effective controls will be of great interest to clients.

In a nutshell: Doing business in a highly competitive borderless world where change is the constant, clients are interested in understanding, aside from ensuring accuracy and reliability of financial information, the role auditors play in how technology and other advancements are shaping the future of the audit industry.