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Due date for e-filing Taxpayers is 24 October 2022 and Provisional Taxpayers 23 January 2023.
To assist us in timeously submitting your returns please ensure we receive the below information two weeks before due dates.

From the list below please provide the documents and information relevant to you: 

  1.  IT3(b) – Interest Earned Certificates from Banks and Financial Institutions
  2. IT3© – Capital Gain Certificates from Financial Institutions
  3. Medical Aid Contribution Certificates
  4. Tax Packs from Financial Institutions on Share Portfolios
  5. Summary of Rental Income and Expenses
  6. Detail on Other Taxable Income – e.g. Income from Trusts etc
  7. Information on Sale of Fixed Assets
  8. IRP5 Certificates
  9. Detail on Income from International Sources
  10. Travel Logbooks – Please click on to download SARS’ Official Logbook


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