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“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another” Ernest Hemingway

People commonly make plans for while they’re alive and well, and enjoying the good life … The most important plan to pay attention to? Estate Planning. The orderly transfer of fixed property, cash and other current assets to relatives or other persons, organisations, or trusts to be set up for the benefit of its beneficiaries.

It is arguably the most important agreement humans from all walks of life have to sign off so as to be satisfied, upon death, there is an orderly plan in place for the transfer of their property, investments, cash and other assets. The reason? For family, relatives, other persons, organisations, or trusts, as benefactors to know exactly who stands where.

Aside from the testator’s forethought, as your appointed accountants we play an important role in your estate planning and distribution of assets, and take care of guiding your benefactors through a fair and organised process according to the terms of your last will and testament.

It is our responsibility to ensure the most appropriate legal planning techniques are employed with the objective of minimising transfer costs, particularly estate duties, state inheritance taxes, and fees and expenses.

In this capacity the accountant often determines expected transfer costs under various options but may also play an important role in advising its client on accounting matters and advantages in establishing a trust to benefit the ones you leave behind.

Last word on why you need estate planning? To ensure that you and your loved ones not only derive maximum benefit from your assets during your life time, but also provide for the maximum transfer of wealth to the next generation …

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