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Not unlike the story told in the iconic Cremora commercial of the ‘90’s … When faced with complex accounting and audit situations, our teams will always focus on interrogating the proverbial fridge. Until it confesses. And this is what makes us different.

When analysing which decisions make most financial sense when it comes to delivering responsible and optimum commercial results, rather than relying on technocratic or abstract solutions to tough accounting situations, we opt for pragmatism.

Pragmatism enables us to focus on challenges and problems from a realistic and considered perspective, rather than relying on technocratic or abstract solutions. We live by the disciplines of Mitigation, Compliance, Strategy and Logic – the four sides of the proverbial box beyond which we will never venture. Hence our chant and customer value proposition – thinking inside the box.

PS: The wife in the television commercial’s thinking was pragmatic and strategically compliant. A creamy milk powder does belong on top of the fridge!


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